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Wood Types Uses of Smoker Wood Chunks Characteristics
ALDER Fish and poultry. GREAT for smoking salmon Light and delicate with a slight hint of sweetness
APPLE Beef, poultry and good for salmon, trout & fatty type fish Sweet but denser, fruity smoked flavor.
CHERRY Beef and beef Ribs (finishing off last 45 minutes) Mild and woody fruity smoke flavor
CITRUS Beef, poultry, fish, pork and ribs Light and mildly fruity
GRAPE Chicken , garlic & escargots Aromatic sweet berry (unique smoked flavor)
HICKORY All meats, especially pork and ribs. Bold and robust. The most common wood used.
MAPLE Steaks, cheese, vegetables and small game. Mild flavor, somewhat sweet flavor.
MESQUITE Most meats, especially beef – BURNS HOT Bold earthy flavor. Can be bitter
MULBERRY Particularly ham and chicken. Berry Sweet and berry. A real gourmet taste
OAK Red meat, pork, and fish Heavy Smoke. Popular in some parts of the country.
PEACH Great to try with any recipe Sweet and fruity
PERSIMMON Red Meats Strong but tasty piney flavor
PEAR Poultry, game birds and pork. Somewhat sweet flavor. similar to apple
PECAN Great for most meats Similar to hickory
PLUM Most meats and fish The flavor is milder and sweeter than apple
WALNUT Red meats and game. Heavy smoke flavor. Can be bitter if used alone.

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